Information technology has played a key role in shaping our present society as well as the business world. Advancements in the field of Information technology has benefitted by almost all major sectors and has accelerated their output. Even though the impacts created by IT field are beyond comparison, you cannot ignore the threats developed which are quite serious. The improper usage of the technology results in many problems and the issues can be quite alarming. Some of the important threats caused by IT are enlisted below:

  • Installation cost: IT based devices are comparatively expensive and hence a small scale establishment would find it difficult to implement the technology. If they fail to set up the IT based devices, they eventually end up with losing their client.
  • Cyber Sickness: As per recent statistics, there is considerable increase of internet addiction among the youths who are obsessed with social media sites as well as internet games.
  • Internet thefts and money laundering: it affects the banking industry adversely and plenty of online money laundering cases is being reported nowadays. Illegal transaction of money is also one of the disadvantages of the online fund transfer system.
  • Unemployment: when manpower is completely replaced by pre-programmed automated machine, it will lead to unemployment. Since the benefits of IT are shared by almost all important sectors, it will be indeed a big disadvantage.
  • Internet Security: Since all major transactions of a business is through online, the financial details can be hacked and money can be looted. Personal as well as official data which are confidential can also be hacked online. Snooping, phishing and hacking are most popular cyber crimes which are increasing in number nowadays.
  • Product duplication: the open source software used for implementing IT based devices can easily be duplicated and pirated and it will also lead to product duplication.
  • Globalization:  IT has allowed the world to emerge into an interdependent system

Even though IT sector has taken the education system into a different level, it is indeed a fact that over dependence of internet makes the students lazy and less creative.